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Not bad overall but the ship feels too much like a racecar for me.

Nice!!!! Liked all the game, maybe the maps are a bit small but overall a really nice experience


Thanks for playing, glad you liked it!

Great work as always! I really appreciate your attention to detail with the game feel (squishy highlights when hit feel great) and your boss designs! Your games always feel satisfying to complete, in large part because of the bosses, I think. I also liked the design of the dash-crash - interesting decisions there about whether to use it offensively or defensively.

Thanks a ton for playing and for the kind words. I’m glad I didn’t add a separate dash, because I also liked how the dash-crash came out as both a defensive and offensive option. I love making bosses; I’m glad you liked those too. I always like hearing from you, thanks again for stopping by!

I've included Cannons & Crashes in my LRJ video @ 1:38:15


Wayyy too long since I played one of your games. Wall of text incoming, as always!

Literally on the first screen and I realize how much iconic your musical style has gotten to me. And both instrumentation and composition has improved a lot since last I heard something, great work! Actually smiling like an idiot right now.

The bullet patterns are really nice, and I can see a bunch of systems were carried over from putrid shot (good call), I think the crunch of the pixels make the bullets feel so much more agressive here, and I adore it. The ship is fucking difficult to control though, and getting hit by one of them really hurts. It's a bit difficult to tell where you are going, and it turns fast. It makes the game interesting though, and I enjoyed working out how to position yourself with it, and move in a way that doesn't get your ship sunk. 

And another thing, the ship repair is a super neat way of handling failure! It still feels like a "aww I got killed" but when it doesn't remove progress it gives you more of a "I want to get better and beat them" rather that "I suck at this". Very much liked. 

Some nitpicking, I would have really liked a victory theme for the final boss. The chill between levels tune is really nice, but it becomes a bit of a whiplash coming from that bossbattle. Camera work is also a thing, while the arrows help in identifying where enemies are, it wouldn't hurt nudging the camera in their direction. That would also subconsciously help, you would be able to "feel" where the enemies are. It being a game though, I think that time was pretty well spent somewhere else. 

I think you have gathered an identity that encompasses you games. The chunky pixels, the square lead, the bass and the crunchy drums, white screen flashes for boss battles (getting nostalgic about dreams of d4rk from it heh) and amazingly juicy visuals. Tutorials that lead you into the game, while still letting you get your ass kicked every once in a while. They're challenges made approachable, put in a very neat packaging. A bit star struck to be honest. Great work!

Runs: ABB, AAB, AAC (damn it). Around 1 hour break. AAB (died first phase, damn the spinny bullets, so hard to predict). SAA (LETS FUCKING GOOOOO). Not going for no hits on all of them, not yet at least. I now have a lot of adrenaline in my body. Fuck yea.

"The chill between levels tune is really nice, but it becomes a bit of a whiplash coming from that bossbattle."

I actually think it's nice- something something achieved world peace. It's not necessarily super triumphant, but a sigh of relief.

Interesting way to see it. Not what I would expect from the game, but it's a good interpretation!


Hey! Great to hear from you. I really appreciate all the comments on my music; I definitely feel a lot more comfortable with the plugins / sounds I’ve been using for the past couple years. I’m really happy with how this game’s music came out.

I would have liked to write an ending theme, but ended up re-using the other track for the post-final boss part.

Thanks for the feedback on the camera, it’s tough to work at such a low resolution and have a non-static camera but biasing the camera towards enemies might have helped a bit with fighting.

Thanks a ton for playing and for all the kind words. I really do feel like over the past couple years, I’ve carved out a style that I like working with. It all really started when I switched off of Unity. Big engines are great, don’t get me wrong, but I always felt like Unity never clicked for me. Once I switched to Love2D, it felt like I finally had the tools to make stuff exactly the way I wanted. I really appreciate you recognizing that identity that’s been emerging.

Thanks for playing and for the comment, always love hearing from you!

my grades are A A B

Thanks for playing! That’s really good, nice job!


awesome game!

Thank you!