Post-Armor Update!

Hi all,

I recently uploaded Planet D4RK to Armorgames. I got a ton of really useful feedback from there and iterated on the game a bunch on Armor, so I wanted to bring those updates to the itch version of the game:

  • Performance in browser has been massively improved
    • If you had any stuttering issues, or even strange issues where some jumps felt "impossible" or "too precise", I believe this was caused by the game running at too-low a frame rate. Those issues should be gone now
  • WASD and "up to jump" have been added as keyboard controls options (hold Q at the first level to enable "Up" to jump)

The performance was really bad before due to my reluctance to use sprite batching for the background tiles. This caused some of the more tile-heavy levels to be really laggy on some machines. Since then I've switched to using love2D's spritebatch system which has massively reduced the number of "draw" calls I need to do (if you aren't using spritebatches for your love2d rendering of tiles, I highly recommend it).

As an aside, the players on Armorgames have also set a new world record for the speedrun of this game (absolutely shattering my record): 

User Keltusad finished Planet D4RK in  4 minutes 31.841 seconds (almost a minute faster than my PB!). It's so goddamn satisfying to watch people master my games, and it feels even better to have people surpass me.

Anyway that's all for this update. I don't anticipate any further big updates to the game, I might make some small QoL improvements to speedrun mode if I get some time in the next few weeks.


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Feb 23, 2022
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Feb 23, 2022


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Nice to see some more options for controls! I think it might be good to have a system where people can input their own keybinds (or configure them in a file) for anyone with odd keyboards or just for accessibility reasons. Otherwise controller support is always appreciated (I'm working on a system which will support basically any controller, you just have to add an extra class to the system. Currently it only supports keyboard because one, I'm developing a game alongside and two, I don't have a controller). 

Also good to know about the drawcalls, will for sure think about that if I'm doing something tilebased or something heavy with the same sprites. Thanks!

Thanks for stopping by! Oooh that controller support system sounds cool, let me know where you end up with it. I'd love to eventually have a system where people can create their own controller bindings, but for now I was a little lazy and just added a few extra options.