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Great simple cool game - I enjoyed -- awesome music


Thanks for playing!

cute game!



Just started this game and i gotta say every game you make has banger music.

Thanks a ton, I really like composing music so it always feels good when people enjoy my music!

Very nice. BBS link?


I just made some time to play it. I really like it! The music is amazing as usual. You could do this like the way they did with Celeste. Make a protorype in pico, and then make a full game of it. If it would become a full game, I would love it. But with life and all, I guess you won't have the time. But let me dream alright.


Thanks for playing! I'm really glad you liked it! Man I really want to make a full version of this but you're totally right: nowhere near enough time. 

Thanks again for playing!

Hey, speaking of nothing. You wouldn't mind teaming up for the gmtk jam, would you?

I actually haven't decided if I'm doing the GMTK jam yet, but if I do it I'll likely go solo, sorry! Thanks for the offer though!


Then we are competing agains each other, muheheheheheh!