A short, strategic deckbuilder inspired by Into the Breach and Slay the Spire.

CONTROLS REFERENCE (explained in-game)

  • Z: Select card
  • X: Cancel selection
  • Left or Right arrow key: Move selector


  • Doom means you must win in that many turns. When Doom reaches 0, you lose.
  • Some enemies create traps (the little red lines that appear after an attack). If you step on a trap you will lose health OR your shield will be popped.
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(20 total ratings)
GenreCard Game, Strategy
Made withPICO-8
TagsDeck Building, PICO-8, Pixel Art, Turn-based Strategy


Original Soundtrack 10 MB
cards_of_the_bog_windows.zip 1 MB
cards_of_the_bog_osx.zip 3 MB
cards_of_the_bog_linux.zip 702 kB
Pico 8 Cartridge (contains source code) 37 kB


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really neat game, hope you keep updating it if you are able


Great stuff! Lots of fun and the music/sfx are kickass.

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I've never played either of the two games that inspired this game, but I have played Library of Ruina.

But that's pretty irrelevant!!!!!!!! This game is really fun, for what it offers. It's a nice, simple, short and sweet deck builder with some horror in it. The difficulty was rather low, for myself, but I think that's perfectly fine, because it was still very fun to play. And... the final battle was a nice tester of skill!! Almost died in it, pff. But!!!!!!! The power of the cards pulled through....

Thank you for making this game!!! It's quite fun!!!! AND THE AESTHETIC AND MUSIC WERE PRETTY SPLENDID!!!!!!

very cool! love the vibe and the overall card/placement mechanics are great

Really liked the feel of this game, the amount of cards is just right. Not too complicated but still a challenge, very nice.


Really fun game! Simple but satisfying gameplay loop.




I really enjoyed this, this is the sort of stuff I hope to create one day. Well done bog and frog person.

Thank you!

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Probably the best pico game I've ever played. Though it would be great if the shield stacks up if you pick multiple of them and cards upgrade if you pick the card you already have in the 'pick a card' menu. Still, a very good game


 That upgrade idea is really cool, same with the shield stacking! Thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoyed the game!


Haven't played this before! I really enjoy how little you can actually do, but how much you can do with it. Only complaints are that you can only make plans for one round, being able to make plans that spend multiple rounds would be fun. Something like saving a card. The crystals and positioning on the playfield are a good start though. Nice work, polished as hell, awesome!

Planning ahead sounds like a fun mechanic; I also like the idea of saving a card or having some mechanic to allow the player to avoid situations where they just have a bad draw. Thanks for playing! This is one of those games that I'd love to expand on at some point in the future.

I'll be waiting with no patience at all, literally be bouncing around at the walls. No but really it would be cool to see expanded on!


This game was fun, but pretty easy considering you almost always have shield. I went through my first run hitless, but one thing you did amazing with is the music. Siblings is an absolute bop.

Nice work! The game is definitely on the easy side, but I’m glad you liked it! I really like how the music came out for this game, so Im glad you liked that too. Thanks for playing! 


What a great game. It just feels cool. Other turn-based games are less fast paced, but I feel like a ninja playing this.

Thanks for playing!


really interesting concept, reminds me of Spec Ops (iirc)

Thanks for playing and for making a video. Great job fighting the final boss too, I saw some really creative turns with your usage of the crystal and 'guarded step'. 


Damn that was pretty good

Any chance you'd consider selling a PICO-8 cart version? I'd love to play on my handheld (Anbernic RG351P).

I can try to do that! What file extension does your handheld support (do you have a preference between .p8 and .p8.png)?


I believe both work, although most of my games have .p8.png

thanks for the quick reply!

Sounds good, I've uploaded the .p8.png version for a 5 dollar donation, thanks!


Wow, awesome. Appreciate it, thanks.


I enjoyed this immensely, a super fun game regardless of pico. As a pico game? Phenomenal. 

I really liked that your hand was discarded every turn so you only had to worry about the turn you were currently in. Into the breach often over-loaded me with its chess like nature, and the need to plan ahead


Thanks for playing! I got into a pico 8 obsession for a few months, this game definitely felt like I was pushing the limits a little (I think I ended with ~8000+ symbols out of 8192).

I totally agree, into the breach definitely exhausts my brain pretty quickly, so I tried to keep this game on the simpler side. Glad you enjoyed it!


Creative, interesting and fun to play. Very impressive that you got so much feeling and expression out of a 1-bit palette!

Thanks a ton for playing! I love 1 bit palettes, partially because I'm not that good with color theory haha, but I'm glad you liked the way it came out!


this may, no word of a lie, be the greatest game I’ve played on pico-8. Everything from the game play to the effects to the cutscenes was top tier, great job

Thanks so much!! I'm glad you liked it!


Just played through the whole thing. Never played a Pico-8 game and i'm just learning about it now. Really awesome game with great music! Good work!

Thanks a ton for playing! Pico-8 is great, if you're interested in making small games like this I highly recommend it. Thanks for the kind words, glad you liked it!


This is a great game with an surprisingly amazing soundtrack. Is there anywhere I could download the music?

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked the music! I just uploaded the soundtrack to the page, so you can feel free to download it! (link right below the game)


Came across this randomly on reddit - loved it! This definitely gave me slay-the-spire vibes. Loved the sprinkling of horror too, that really scared me haha!

As a fellow pico-8 dev, I really appreciate how you managed to keep the text informative but short so it would all fit on the screen. Some of the tutorial text went to quickly for me to read sometimes (my only gripe).

Games like this make me wish there was something similar on the gameboy back in the day...

Thanks a ton for playing! Glad you liked, haha glad you liked the horror too!

It was definitely tough to work with the limited screen real estate, but I'm glad it worked well for the most part! I agree some of the tutorial text was a bit quick, I wish I had the time to add some button prompt to allow people to either take their time reading it, or skip it if they wanted.

Thanks again for playing!


Nice and original game



Please, make a downloadable version for PC.

and for my hand-held!


This was a fun way to spend twenty minutes! I enjoyed the level of detail of the tutorial section, especially for a pico game, and loved the art. You mention Into the Breach, but this also reminds me of Final Fantasy Tactics. The short mystery/horror story added some nice flavor to the experience, as did the increasingly complex/powerful card options. Thanks for making and sharing this! I found this from following Pico-8 Tweets, but I think it would be well-received on the BBS, too. Dunno if you tested this on mobile, but besides the buttons being "wrong" it played just fine!

Thanks a ton for playing and for the kind words, I'm glad you liked it! I'm really happy you appreciated the tutorial, I was on the fence on whether or not it dragged on for too long.

I'm glad you liked the art/story and the card combos as well! As for BBS: I have a few obscure bugs my friends found that I need to fix real quick, but after that I think I'll definitely try publishing this to the Pico 8 BBS.

Glad to hear it worked out on mobile too, I'm always worried some weird bugs will arise on other platforms so it's good to hear it played smoothly!

Thanks again for playing and for commenting! I really appreciate it!