A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A brutally challenging top-down action game. 

A disaster is about to strike, and only Jingnon can stop it. Dash and slash your way to the top of the mountain. Explore strange areas and solve dodging puzzles along the way! 

I drew a lot of inspiration from Titan Souls and Hyper Light Drifter when making this game. This game wears its inspirations on its sleeve.  Thank you in advance for playing, it means so much to me. I spent roughly a year on this game, working on it alongside my fulltime job. There were many points at which I reworked the game entirely, but I'm glad it turned out the way it did. I will appreciate literally any feedback anyone has on the game!


If you find the game a bit too difficult but you still want to enjoy some parts, feel free to go to the pause menu (press escape / share(ps4) / back(xbox) ) and enable some of the "Assist Modes".


If you find any bugs please post a comment or DM me at twitter, @abhiSundu

Arrow keys / left stick to move. 

Press Escape / Share (PS4) / Back (XBOX) to pause the game.

All other controls are explained in game.

PS4 and XBOX360 controller supported. If you disconnect your controller, you have to leave a room / die to have it be recognized again. 


Note: all controls should be explained in game. This section is in case a bug prevents you from viewing the controls:

MOVE: arrow keys / left stick

DASH: space bar /  X (ps4) / A (xbox)

ATTACK: Q / Square (ps4) / X (xbox)

HEAL: W / Circle (ps4) / B (xbox)

SPECIAL (once unlocked): E / Triangle (ps4) / Y (xbox)

Open Inventory: Tab / Options (ps4) / Menu (xbox)

Pause game: Escape  / Share (ps4) / Back (xbox)


Hold the "1" key for 3 seconds at the title screen to reset your progress.

Install instructions

Unzip the archive and run the exe


JingnonsAscentV1-12WIN.zip 76 MB
JingnonsAscentV1-12MAC.zip 80 MB

Development log


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Hey gave this a little shot, it's fun, lots of ideas here, really loving the bosses and enemies. Can't say the platforming is much fun though, more frustrating than not

Wow, thanks so much for playing! I agree, the platforming came out a little clunky. Glad you enjoyed the fights though, that tended to be most peoples' favorite part too!

Hi Jintor,

I know it's been a while since you played this game, thanks again for giving it a try! I've added a new version of the game featuring "assist modes". These modes allow you to potentially skip parts of the game that you don't enjoy as much (for example, one of the assists that you can enable is "no fall damage", which would help you skip the platforming sections and skip straight to the combat). It's kind of a band-aid fix, but since I'm done with the core development of this game, I thought that these assist modes would maximize the enjoyment people could have.

To enable the assists, just download the new version and go to the new pause menu (press escape / share (ps4) / back (xbox) ) and select "assist modes". 

No pressure to replay this game, just letting you know that if you decide to ever return to Jingnon's Ascent, there are some new things to potentially make the game more enjoyable / less frustrating!