Patch 0.2.0: Buffing spells, QoL updates, and more!

Hi all,

The alpha demo has just been patched, here are some of the highlights:


  • Added "reload speed" and "elemental damage" to the chest rewards pool


  • Renamed crescent slash to crescent banana and buffed it to bounce on walls once without any upgrades
  • buffed rapid arrows to shoot 5 arrows and deal 10 damage each
  • added more rewards to rooms (more treasure chest enemies)
  • Added 1 more passive spell reward room in zone 1 (meaning the player is guaranteed to have 3 passive spells by the time they reach the Big head boss
  • Buffed all fire spells to have shorter cooldowns


  • made it so health pickups can't be picked up at full hp
  • Added description text that describes each spell mod / reward you're picking from
  • Added some VFX and SFX to indicate when your active spell is ready (can be turned off via the options menu )


  • Fixed a bug that prevented the player from switching their shooting direction once they'd started shooting

I still have a lot planned for this game, but most of the future updates will be in the full version (which you can wishlist here: Also the steam demo is out now as well, so you can try it out on steam (or on the steam deck)!

Anyway, thanks for listening and for playing.


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Did a quick run, were just a slither away from getting the boss this time.

I picked banana as active just to try it the new version out, and damn it is it fun to line up a bunch of small enemies and just wreak havoc on them, especially with flare!

A thing I saw last time but I think I forgot was that hitboxes on the stage with a hole in the middle and one flying platform has really funky hitboxes for the health pickup. They sometimes fall through mainly the left platform.

I picked orbiting flame as a passive, and I basically just spammed the fire key to get as many as possible, and then rolled through the enemy to just slam them with them with all the flames. It's pretty fun but it doesn't that that much skill to be honest. So maybe that's something to balance.

Just here is what is going on in my mind during a battle: press fire, dodge bullet, maybe peek the clip if I'm fancy, a lot of smol jumps. I literally never look at the passives to see what I'm gonna get, I just shoot shoot shoot. It's maybe not the bast way to play but it's the way I do it anyways.


Thanks for giving it another run! Yeah the hitbox on the stage is kinda weird, still trying to figure out why the health pickups just pass through it sometimes. At the very least, health pickups move towards the player when the stage ends so it's not a total loss, but I'll definitely take a look at that. Glad you liked the banana, the buff to it makes it a lot more impactful at the start of the game.

Stacking orbitals to do a ton of damage is definitely a valid strategy, though I am considering making it harder to stack the passive spells when no enemies are around (currently you can cheese the game by stacking passive spells during a "chest" wave).

The way you play sounds good to me! Most of the gameplay is meant to just be shooting and managing the active spell while dodging. The passive spells are intended to be ignored a tiny bit by most players, but more intense players will probably play around them a little more.

Thanks again for the input!