Update 0.3.0: New mechanics and visuals!

Hi all,

Updated the demo with some exciting stuff!

  • New "Spell Trait" system
    • All spells now have 'traits', like "orbital", "close combat", "piercing", etc
    • Spell traits can be upgraded, so you can increase the damage of ALL orbitals, or ALL zonal spells, so now you can have even more build diversity and broken builds by stacking elements and traits
    • The final version of the game will have even cooler spell trait upgrades like "for ever fire spell you have, increase orbital trait damage by X"
  • New visuals / options!
    • The player is now lit by a "spotlight" to help keep track of them in the midst of the chaos. This spotlight can be configured via the options
    • Damage number transparency can be configured in the options, so if the damage numbers are too noisy, you can turn them invisible / transparent!
  • New spells!
    • Only two new passive spells in the demo version: Flame Sword and Glacial Axe! I'll let you guys figure out what those spells do.

Most of my work so far has been on non-demo content, but I wanted to make one last update to the demo with the new systems so people can try them out.

Thanks for listening!



ItchWebDemoV3.zip Play in browser
Aug 07, 2022
AlphaDemoWindowsV3.zip 9 MB
Aug 07, 2022



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Short wall today. First things first, I like the new visual style! It's easier to tell the action apart from background now, and overall I just think it looks a bit nicer. The spotlight is a bit odd, having just a circle around is more what I had expected, but I wouldn't say it's bad. It's just unexpected. I only had time for a quick run, but the axe is cool, and being able to upgrade based on damage type is interesting as well. I noticed that some upgrades are kind of garbage now though, like make all ice do 1 more damage. It's only usecase would be if you have a massive (and then i mean massive) amount of low damage dealing ice spells, because then the stacking would be worth it. Might work in full game, idk.  

An idea for the idea pile: having areal spells change the shots that pass through them.

Really looking forward to the full release!


Hey! Thanks for stopping by! Glad you like the new visual style. I toyed around with a circle around the player VS a spotlight, and I ended up going with the spotlight because it gives you minor-movement change information a bit more clearly than a circle does. For example, a lot of players don't realize that when you shoot you 'kick back'. However with the spotlight, when you shoot you can see the spotlight move pretty clearly in the direction you're kicking back. It's a minor thing that's configurable in the options (you can disable/change the visibility of the spotlight), but that's the rationale behind it.

I definitely need to invest some time in balancing this game. I think there was a time in early prototyping when +1 or +2 ice damage was good, but I've slowly power creeped other spells and increased enemy health to compensate, so +1 ice damage might be nothing now. Once I finish the main content I'm planning on entering a grind mode where I just clock tons of runs on this game and record data on DPS and different build viability.

Also I had a super similar idea to your areal idea for some spells: I had a spell idea that spawns a 'power line' that empowers any spell or bullet that passes through it. I like your idea of a spell that changes shots that pass through it too, it might make sense as an active spell as well. Woof I need to control the feature creep on this game a little though, I have a 'master list' of tasks that are the minimum for shipping this game, I'm gonna tackle those first and probably handle all the cool extra ideas as post-launch updates.

Thanks for dropping in now and then, I always enjoy hearing from you!


Great news! I'm glad you're making a big project, cause I enjoy your games, they are usually short, but really well polished. Cool update!

Thanks a ton! I'm really excited by this project. It'll end up being a pretty bite-sized game compared to other games on steam, but it'll be my biggest project so far!

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is it updated on steam?

edit: it is