A haunted deckbuilder with a little ghost that needs your help.


Battle the undead with a deck of cards! Protect your graveyard and your spirit!


Add powerful cards to your deck!


Play Normal Mode for a curated experience with a preset power curve of cards and special upgrades. Play "Randomizer Mode" for randomized card drops and upgrades. Try to get the highest score!


Made for the Click or Treat Halloween Bundle!

Listen to the OST Here:

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
GenreCard Game
Made withLÖVE
TagsDeck Building, Pixel Art, Spooky, Tower Defense, Twin Stick Shooter


Six Cards Under - Windows EXE 7 MB
Original Soundtrack 19 MB

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I love this, can we get more like it???


this really has Faith the unholy trinity vibes! I love it! it slowly pulls off the cutesy curtain to reveal a much more sinister plot!

I love Faith, it’s one of my favorite horror games of all time, so thank you! That’s a huge compliment. One of these days I really wanna try my hand at making a proper lo-fi horror game.

gameplay with commentary

Looks a great game!! I like the design!! Good job :D Also sounds great!! Good job for the composer!!

Also I have some feedback to improve the game, so if you’re interested in hear it, where I can send it to you?


Thanks! Glad you liked it. You can feel free to post the feedback right here in the comments and I’ll take a look.

You’re welcome!!

Oh okay, so I will leave it here then: First of all, when you finish the game story and you go to the randomizer mode, it will restart the story, but the progress will not be restarted resulting the character going forward in the stage screen until it disappears from the TV Then, it will be great to have the quit, option and other buttons in the main screen menu instead than have to press Esc to open the pause menu and select one of the options And finally, the menu than you open with Esc doesn’t work with arrows and also it’s not highlighted when you pass the cursor, in the rest of menus it works fine

For the rest looks a great and fun game!! So good job making it :D


Thanks a ton for the feedback, sorry about those bugs, thanks for finding those.

Hmm the “Escape” menu not working is strange. On my end I’m able to use the mouse/arrow keys to select options in the pause menu and highlight them.

When you press “escape” and then hover an option, does it get highlighted? Similarly, if you press “escape” and then press “up” or “down” a few times (without moving the mouse), do any of the options get highlighted? If not then that’s probably a bug, sorry about that!


You’re more than welcome :D

And yes, when you press “Escape” and then hover an option with the mouse doesn’t work But with arrows it works well, it’s only with the mouse than don’t highlight the options


amazing, is this going to be your next full game?


Thanks! Nah, this game is finished, though I might re-use the idea of “real time deckbuilder” for a future project.

fair enough, it's a fun game tho

Such a unique and fun game. I LOVE IT!


As always an excellent gem of a game


Thank you!

just finished, what an amazing game! would you be interested in talking about your game on my podcast by any chance?

Hello! Sorry, I’m about to be quite busy over the next couple months, I don’t think I can be on the podcast. Thank you for the offer though! Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it!

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I'm a spirit and I'm gonna protect my Graveyard

my highscore

Awesome job, that’s a really good high score. Thanks for playing!

Finally got some time to play this, awesome game! (Even if I'm suck doing this lul)

Awesome video! Glad you got a chance to play it! Haha I loved the "no card pickup" challenge, nice work! The game is definitely tough, even with a negative score you did quite well considering you didn't add any cards to your deck. Thanks for playing!

At first, it was a mistake taking the skip card but after that my thought was like "screw it, just take no upgrade at all" lmao


Scored 620 Normal mode on my first playthrough. Fun game!

Thanks for playing, great score!


Very satisfying progression to this deckbuilding action game. There's an offensive element to clearing waves, a movement element in avoiding bullets, and a defense element in keeping the gravestones safe. These are well balanced, and each stage gets progressively more challenging. The interplay of the attack types and movement of the ghost feel a bit like Vampire Survivors, but articulating each attack and aiming at foes makes this much more engaging and fast-paced.

The art and haunted TV set vibe are excellent, and the sound design based around the flickering static and interstitial story bits on the TV is awesome. The final boss is a great showdown. Well done as always!

looks cool!


You consistently make such simple but addicting games! Keep it up, man!

Thank you!


This is so much fun! I loved the story and also the fact that the rounds don't reset even if you 'lose'. Great work overall.

Thanks a ton!