A rhythm-based sidescroller with one-button control! Dance in the spotlight and avoid hazards to earn money!


(All basic controls will be explained in-game. This is just a reference)

Press A to execute the currently highlighted action (slide left, jump, or slide right).

Dance in the spotlight to earn money. Dodging spikes and bombs will also earn you money.


  • You can slide multiple times in a single beat if you mash A when "slide left" or "slide right" is highlighted.
  • Spike will automatically go underneath you if you jump within a few units of them. The timing is very forgiving so you can jump over spikes VERY early and they'll still fly under you.

quick update: In case anyone wants to hear the music outside of the game, feel free to check out my soundcloud! https://soundcloud.com/abhisundu


aaa_GROOVE_V2_Win.zip 16 MB
aaa_GROOVE_V2_Mac.app.zip 20 MB
aaa_GROOVE_V1.zip 18 MB

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love it!

Well done my friend, you got into the vid!!

amazing, great tunes too