Conquer three unique bosses in this short boss rush!

Supports  keyboard, XBOX and PS4 controllers (in the web version, button prompts will default to keyboard or XBOX controls, but a PS4 controller will still work).

If you run into any issues in the web version, please try the downloadable version!

CONTROLS (all explained in-game on standard mode)

MoveArrow KeysD pad or Left stickD pad or Left stick
AttackXX or RBSquare or R1
RollCB or LBCircle or L1
JumpSpacebar or ZAX
Skip SceneHold KHold Menu/StartHold Options
Restart LevelR

Additional Info

  • Conqueror mode is meant to be a "New game +" of sorts, so I highly recommend playing on Standard your first time.
  • If you're having trouble beating a boss, keep trying! Bosses only regenerate a portion of their missing health when you fail, so keep at it!
  • If you want to practice a boss, or skip to a specific boss, press the "9" key at the title screen to enter the "Boss select" screen. From there you can use the arrow keys and space to select the boss you want to fight.

If you enjoyed the soundtrack, feel free to listen to it on my soundcloud!

Made with Love2D.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
Made withLÖVE
TagsBoss battle, LOWREZJAM, Pixel Art, Swords


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personal headcanon, main character went the mountains in between the normal mode and conqueror mode, and saw a beautiful view with a new friend.

lmao I love this. a quick trip to an old peak.

just got down to 11 deaths on conqueror, more than halving my first run


I loved this game, I beat it on normal mode, and was beginning to get relaxed, when the game made the final battle interesting, phase one of shraya was easy though, I learned how to strafe boss attacks from olden peak, but was finally challenged, doing conqueror mode next (all 3 times i got back up were during shraya)

Really glad you liked it, thanks for playing! Also wow only 3 deaths on conqueror is insanely good, nice job! Haha glad that olden peak skills transfered over to this game, strafing is definitely the best way to handle Shraya’s sword slashes.

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no it was 3 deaths on normal, its gonna be like 20 on conqueror, PS trying conqueror now and am amazed by how u managed to add so much difficulty to starter boss (Asriel vibes in phase transition move)

P.S. i realized what the title screen is

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Well i was almost right, if I played a bit better on first boss coulda gotten less than 20

P.S. beautiful ending. just when I thought that I was becoming really good (I beat normal mode on this easily yesterday) i get the boss fight for the ages to remind me how much further I have to go, some of the best web games on itch, as always

I'm going to redo conqueror to see if shraya's dialogue changes if you first try her first phase

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fun dialogue change, but begs the question how does she learn how to get back up if the original dialogue doesn't happen

23 deaths on conqueror is still really good! I’m glad you enjoyed it.


cute game, love the story, and it's intersting to see attacks in putrid shot ultra that are here too

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it! haha yeah I like to re-use a few attack patterns in between games.

oh yeah some of shraya's moves are similar to akarash and putrid shot boss moves, and the workout genie has the punches from akarash, except supersized when in conqueror


normal mode deathless woo great game btw

Nice job! Thanks for playing, deathless on normal mode is really good!


conqueror mode is crazy hard but the story is great 10/10


This game was awesome, dying against the final boss and getting the "Kicked down. Press X to get up" Was awesome. It was my only death too.


nice game, with a little practice a deathless run should be possible (took me 4 deaths to beat while about 2 are from dying to the bullethell attack of the last boss. no idea how to avoid it without taking damamge, roll doesnt help either)


Nice job, 4 deaths is very solid! If you're talking about the bullet attack where she jumps in the air and fires the fan of bullets outward while moving sideways, you can just stay to the far-side from her when she starts, and then roll to the other side once the bullets come down. Thanks for playing!


100/10 this was fun and challenging


Absolutely love this man. This is exactly what I want out of a boss rush lol. Every boss was epic AF and damn fun to fight. This game is basically perfect apart from one issue I had. Sometime's when the last boss does that vertical slam, she spawns bullets in both directons. Every attack in this game is indicated beautifully before hand, but this was the only attack which wasn't indicated too well since she sometimes doesn't do it either. Apart from that though, this is a very damn good game. Definitely playing through the conqueror mode now


Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it! I had initially planned to add a horizontal indicator for the projectiles from the final boss's vertical slam, in retrospect I wish I had added that for the reason you mentioned. Thanks for the kind words, glad you liked the attack indicators. I'm always afraid all the indicators will come off to "video-gamey" if that makes sense, but it also makes the game way more fair, and lets me run wild with attack pattern designs.

Hope you enjoy conqueror mode! It definitely cranks the game up a few notches. It can be a little polarizing with the increased difficulty.


Congrats on your top-3 placement in the LowRezJam! Would you be up for participating in an interview discussing the game development process of TRYH4RD?

Thanks! Sure, I'd be up for an interview!

Glad to hear! Please add me on Discord so we can set up a date / time, my username is;

Gabriel [BluishGreenPro]#5666


Damn, took me a while before I played this. Controls are a bit wacky, but I really enjoyed this! The startupscreen is cool as hell, I love the way they fade in, and the game is polished like crazy, and I love it. And honestly, it felt great playing something again, it was a while since I played anything like this. Thanks!

Thanks! Yeah the controls in retrospect are a little weird, I'm not used to designing combat games for keyboard, sorry they were clunky! Glad you liked the fx, I wanted this game to feel polished. Thanks for playing! I always enjoy your comments!