Stage select with V0.22!

Hi all,

Just a small update with this new version 0.22.

  • Added a "Dream Select" menu at the title screen! While there's no saving and loading yet, at least this way people can continue from where they left off by selecting the last dream you played.
  • Added a pause menu, which allows you to quit game or return to the title screen
  • Rebalanced one of the fights in the first dream.

ALSO: Unofficial controller support! I have yet to include the controller prompts in game, but for now the controls are


X to jump

Square to attack

Right trigger / right bumper to reflect

Share / Options to pause


A to jump

X to attack

RB / RT to reflect

Menu to pause

If anyone finds any bugs, let me know! Thanks to anyone out there listening!!

- Abhi Sundu

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Jul 06, 2019

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