Balance + Reworked Stage 3!

Hello to anyone out there listening!

With version 0.23 of Dreams of D4RK comes NEW and EXCITING stuff!

  • Dream 3 is completely reworked. Now features some non-combat sections to teach you the ropes a little better AND a BRAND NEW MUSIC TRACK with dynamic music transitions between combat and non-combat sections!
  • Difficulty curve adjusted
  • Dream 1 shortened significantly

I'm so stupidly excited for this update. The new music + music transitions in Dream 3 is the main allure of this update.

If you've already played the Dreams of D4RK fragment, but want to try just the new stuff from this update, feel free to give it a download and select "Dream 3" from the "Dream Select" at the main menu.

Thanks to anyone out there reading these!

Abhi Sundu

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Jul 14, 2019

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